Join our portfolio of supported projects. Although we only support a very small number of projects on an ongoing basis, we are happy to review potential new ones.

Who do we support?

We prefer to contribute equipment, funds, and skills support to researchers, cultural and natural heritage conservation projects, private land owners, small organizations struggling with capacity or needing communications assistance. All have some connection to tourism as a means to achieve conservation goals.


Please apply only if your project, organization or research includes a majority of following criteria:

  • involvement of local community or private land owners, with a high level of commitment; 
  • biological or cultural significance; 
  • connection to adventure travel or eco-tourism; 
  • capacity to do your work is hindered by lack of funds, skills, or time to complete tasks and outside help would be welcome;
  • and urgency of conservation need.

Please do not apply for any of the following:

  • funds for school fees;
  • official college or high school internships and fellowships (although we welcome your volunteer time);
  • general funding support.

Please do apply for:

  • equipment and vehicle donations;
  • skills donations (see a list of potential skills on the Skills page);
  • field work support, particularly assisting researchers or projects in reaching remote locations;
  • specific support for wildlife ranger programs.

We will review your application, and if it fits our criteria and geography, we will present it for consideration at the next board meeting. Meetings are held quarterly, and the board makes decisions about adding any new projects, organizations, or research to our support portfolio. Prior to review by the board, your application will also be reviewed by a team of advisors in your field of work.

If you have a particularly urgent communication or fieldwork support need, we may be able to act more quickly, please contact us directly if this is the case.