Charity eBay Auction July 8 to 18, 2016

Auction alert! Here is your chance to bid on high-quality overland equipment items and help us raise funds for our Change Your World Fund, our project to inspire young people to get out and explore their world and make a difference while doing so. There is some great gear, at great starting prices! Please click on the auction item link below each title to bid now!

Dometic Portable Fridge Freezer #CFX-50US 50 liter with Insulated Cover and Fridge Slide — $1000 value — starting bid $490

Bring the party to remote landscapes with this portable electric refrigerator and freezer which can hold up to seventy-two 12oz cans! Slide out storage platform supports up to 220lbs and tucks away easily when not in use. Runs on 120-volt AC, 12-volt DC or 24-volt DC power. Insulated cover helps keep food and beverages cool with minimal power use. Strong latches, handles and hinges are built to last. Adjusts from -8 degrees to +50 degrees from a soft-touch digital control panel. See more information on manufacturer's website here:


Nemo Wagon Top 4P Camping Tent — $500 value — starting bid $275

This spacious tent sleeps up to 4 adults comfortably, with a truly homey 6.5 foot standing room height! Nemo tents are designed to set up quickly and easily with innovative clip-to-pole design. Superior materials withstand strong winds and keep you warm and dry in wet weather.  See more information on manufacturer's website here:


Barlow Adventures Gift Certificate - Retail Value $500 – starting bid $250

Up for auction to support our Change Your World Fund is a $500 gift certificate to Barlow Adventures.  With locations in Sedona AZ,  Moab UT and California's Rubicon Trail, Barlow's Adventures provides training, rentals and trips that you will never forget. Barlow's stocks a fleet of custom built Jeep Wranglers for rent and their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you to get out and back safely while having a great time and learning new skills.  Great for a family outing, 4wd training or a guided vacation adventure! See more information on Barlow's website here:


MaxTrax Traction Devices — $300 value — starting bid $110

MaxTrax have built themselves a reputation as a must-have piece of kit for overlanders around the globe. Their patented design has been real world tested in sand, slush, mud and snow. Most recoveries are so easy, a single person can perform them. No extra vehicle or anchor point required, simply slide MaxTrax under your tires and drive out! Superior materials have been engineered to flex to accommodate a fully laden 4x4 in soft terrain. Their unique pattern grips the ground and tires so you can crawl out of the stickiest situations! See more information on manufacturer's website here:

Scala Rider PackTalk from Cardo Systems $330 value — starting bid $120

Scala Rider's new Packtalk communication system utilizes their patented Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC) to enable clear communication of up to 15 riders over a 5 mile range! DMC allows any rider to easily join and leave the conversation without any interruption in the signal. You may also set your PackTalk to Bluetooth mode, which can connect to other brands, for up to 9 riders within a 1 mile range.  Advanced battery technology allows up to 13 hours of talk time and can last up to 1 week in stand by mode. Scala Packtalk also utilizes advanced voice recognition for true hands free operation. It's waterproof and dust proof construction is build to last on or off the road! See more information on manufacturer's website here:


Triple Aught Design Meridian Cube Duffle — $425 value — starting bid $190

Everyone is talking about Triple Aught Design's perfectly engineered Transport Cube packing system and this durable duffel ties it all together. Space efficient enough to sit under an airline seat, while providing organized access for everything you could need. This duffel was designed to protect delicate electronics, yet comfortable to carry for long periods of time. See more information on manufacturer's website here:


Alpinestars Equinox X-Trafit Gloves (this will be a gift certificate) — value $150 — Start bid $70

Carrying multiple pairs of gloves is impractical, but finding everything you need in one pair seems impossible. You want waterproof for wet days, breathable for hot days, lightweight construction for sensitivity of the controls and durable armor if you lose control. Well look no further! Aplinestars X-TRAFIT gloves are crafted with their innovative new material and GORE-TEX membrane to provide all of the comfort and protection you need, whatever comes your way! See more information on manufacturer's website here:


COBB Grill (certificate to redeem) — $150 value — starting bid $70

Cook anything, anywhere! The easy to carry COBB Grill roasts, grills, bakes, smokes and fries fantastic food on the fly! Originally created for use in rural Africa, where electricity and gas are scarce, the COBB used dry corn cobs as fuel, hence the name. Now, utilizing some lightweight charcoal briquettes, you can create restaurant quality cuisine wherever you go. Stainless Steel construction with food grade Teflon is long lasting and easy to clean. The design keeps the base cool and prevents flare-ups for safe and healthy cooking.  There is nothing like a great meal in a beautiful landscape!      


Sam Manicom — Into Africa — $20 value — $10 starting bid (two available, signed)

Sam Manicom's beautifully written books take you along with him on his eight year motorcycle journey which spanned 55 countries. Sam often wanders off the beaten path, meeting unusual characters and finding strange and exciting experiences along the way. His colorful writing style immerses you in the experience and you truly feel you are along for the ride! This book Into Africa: Africa by Motorcycle - Every Day an Adventure covers his journey from the Channel Islands to Cape Town.


Announcing our first Change Your World Fund grantee

We are proud to announce our support of the Operation Moto Dog tour and short film with our first Change Your World Fund grant for young travellers.

Mallory Paige and her canine friend Baylor have already toured more than 20,000 miles from Alaska to Florida, with many roundabouts and detours in between. They are on a mission to prove that you do not need to be fearless or perfect to adventure boldy. The duo have been on the road in the sidecar rig—custom-welded by Mallory—for more than 300 days, spending most nights camped out under the stars.   

Describing her journey as “an endless trust fall,” Mallory wants people to know that dreams like hers are achievable by anyone willing to take the leap. She believes “embracing our crazy keeps us sane” and that success is defined by trying. This is the essence of the Change Your World Fund and why Mallory is our perfect first grantee and ambassador.

During their tour, Mallory and Baylor will share their message of adventure with schools, organizations, and communities across the U.S. and Canada before continuing their journey south into Mexico. The Operation Moto Dog short film will be entered in several film festivals, and you can meet them at Overland Expo EAST 2016 (October 7-9, Asheville, NC).



The Change Your World Fund was established to honor the memory of Alistair Farland (1990 – 2014). Al, as the 24-year-old Australian was known to his friends and family, believed in the power of exploration to change things. He wanted to inspire his generation to explore their world and impact their society. Although he died in an accident in fall 2014 on his journey, his passion and inspiration did not.  

In collaboration with the Farland family and Overland Expo, we have launched the Change Your World Fund to support people like Alistair whose overland journeys and projects go beyond the “me” and seek out strangers and challenges.  To donate or apply, please visit


Change Your World Fund

Photo: Alistair Farland

Photo: Alistair Farland

In October we launched the Change Your World Fund at Overland Expo EAST in Asheville, NC. The launch was a great success, despite being hit hard by Hurricane Joaquin at the event. We have $10,000 in our fund now, and are in the process of reviewing current applications for our first distribution.

Please see our Change Your World Fund page for details on this exciting support for expeditionary travel by young adults.

Support for the American Teenage Experience

Earlier in 2015 we were contacted by 17-year-old Will Friend of Boston who was completely fired up about doing something to inspire his generation to at least talk about if not solve some of our most pressing global problems. Exploration and engagement seemed to him the best way to approach his need to do, and his research lead him to Ted Simon ( and then to us.

After reading his draft thoughts we scheduled a Skype call  with Will, and that convinced us that this young person had the writing talent and drive and personality to make it happen, so we flew him out to Overland Expo (our for-profit event) to meet fellow adventurers and glean some tips on  how to turn travel into a conversation for change.

His project "The American Teen Experience" is now underway, with a simple goal, expressed on his Maptia page:

Exploration is the most important theme of my generation. 

Beyond the enduring exploration of one’s own identity, this generation of youth must embrace the exploration of the identities of those we are unfamiliar with in order to meet the challenges and realize the opportunities of our ever smaller world. 

My mission is simple: Explore the Nation I call home, and the lives of my peers who reside within it.  My methods are simpler: Ride Amtrak from New Orleans to New York City this July. Ask 10 questions of the teenagers I encounter along the way, in interviews of approximately 20 minutes.

Do you know a teen who can meet up with Will along his route? Please visit his project page for the link to the interview signup form.

ConserVentures is providing a small grant for the project.

Conservation driving workshop

In December 2014, ConserVentures donated a one-day training workshop to Sky Island Alliance for their field staff. We taught basic four-wheel-drive techniques, simple recovery, and most importantly, low-impact driving skills. Jonathan Hanson was the primary instructor, with Brian DeArmon assisting. 

Check out our photos here.

Are you an organization that uses four-wheel-drives for field work? Please contact us about our free training.

Wolf bike gets some upgrades, courtesy Overland Expo community

Earlier in 2014, Steve Dibble donated a 2006 BMW F650GS to ConserVentures (see below). 

Part of the Wolf Bike project is to properly outfit the bike for such remote and rugged conditions. At Overland Expo 2014 WEST, the Wolf bike received donations from  Jesse Luggage (panniers), RawHyde Adventures (set of tires), Baja Design (lighting), Wolfman Luggage (dry bag), Kinder Rider (LS2 helmet), Woody's Wheel Works and Ironhorse BMW. In addition, Bob Allen of Adventure Pockets donated and installed three motoPOCKETs on the Wolf Bike project: The motoPOCKET Windshield (11 x 7 x 2 in.), The motoPOCKET Side Case (14 x 6 x 2 in.) and The motoPOCKET Side Case with netting (14 x 6 x 2 in.). With convenience and durability in mind, MotoPOCKETs are a universal size and attach with heavy-duty Velcro to create an on-board storage solution.

Craig provided a full review for us, which is published here, on Overland Tech and Travel.

Project Wolf Bike

In 2014, Steve Dribble donated a 2006 BMW F650GS to ConserVentures to further our mission to promote exploration and to conserve our natural and cultural heritage. 

In an effort to support field work for the endangered Mexican gray wolf, the bike ended up in the hands of Craig Miller, the Southwest representative for Defenders of Wildlife and a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. Craig has been a tireless advocate for wildlife conservation in the Southwest for over 30 years. [For more details, please see his bio here.]. 

Craig’s work takes him deep into Arizona and New Mexico backcountry on rugged forest roads. The Wolf Bike allows him to move more quickly and efficiently, covering more ground to engage people in wolf conservation. "It’s helped me maintain a more consistent presence in the field, and the rides between ranches keep me energized for the difficult visits."

Stay tuned as we add accessories to upgrade the bike for Craig's field work, part of our Resources for Rangers program.

Traditional blacksmithing research

We began the next phase of the Maasai cultural heritage assistance project—Fire & Steel: Traditional blacksmithing in pastoral cultures. In November 2013 we spent two weeks traveling in northern Kenya's Samburu country and in northern Tanzania's Lake Eyasi region seeking out blacksmiths who are still creating knives, spears, tools, and jewelry using goatskin bellows and handmade tools. Hope to return in the future for a longer expedition to record at least 5 communities with traditional blacksmiths, researching their techniques and their complex relationships with their pastoral counterparts. These images are from Wamba, in the Samburu region of northern Kenya.

First Maasai Cultural Festival

On November 7-8, 2013, the South Rift Association of Land Owners (SORALO) hosted the first annual Maasai Cultural Festival at the historic Olegorsaille site in southern Kenya.

Hundreds of Maa-speaking people, dignitaries, and politicians from around Kenya attended, shared ideas for how to ensure their cultural future, and to commit to a common festival every year to celebrate, conserve, and share their unique culture. 

ConserVentures founders Roseann and Jonathan Hanson attended the festival, delivering 125 copies of the shield project book (see post, below). They also provided photography and videography documentation of the festival.