Big results, low overhead

Our programs ensure that every dollar and every equipment donation goes directly to support natural and cultural resource conservation.


Change Your World Fund

Ongoing throughout the year we are accepting donations of funds to support the Change Your World Fund, our grant program to support Millennial travelers and their projects. Please us the "Donate" button and specify Change Your World today! 



Wolf Bike – We are taking donations of gear or funds to support the Wolf Bike and Riders on the Range Project





Training Workshop for Game Scouts – It costs $8,000 to support a training workshop for the South Rift Maasai Game Scouts in the southern Kenya. The funds will support travel and on-site costs for two to three U.S. Park Service rangers with specialty training in high-risk patrol environments to conduct the workshop.

Here's an example of what typical donations can also help us provide for these brave rangers on the frontlines of wildlife conservation in Africa:

  • $40 donation buys a backpack
  • $75 donation buys a pair of waterproof binoculars
  • $145 donation buys a uniform and field boots
  • $200 donation buys two GPS units or UHF radio
  • $285 donation buys a tent for field work
  • $500 donation maintains the radio network
  • $1500 donation supports salaries for 15 scouts for one month
  • $4000 donation buys a new solar-powered radio communications system for an additional community network

Any amount helps. 

Conservation Expeditions

Cultural conservation: Maasai elders pass on their knowledge to the next generations. We hosted a workshop in October 2012 with Maasai elders and youths to record the history of warrior culture by making authentic shields. There is a five-page story about the project in our journal *terra* and we have completed a video in both Maa and English, as well as a book, which we distributed back to the community in November 2013. Please help us help the elders in the Maasai community of the South Rift valley in Kenya to preserve their heritage. Any amount helps offset printing costs, video production, and transportation of current and future projects.

Do you have a Conservation Expedition you would like us to support? Please contact us to find out more.