El Aribabi Conservation Ranch, Sonora, Mexico

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This privately owned 10,000-acre ranch is only 2 hours from the U.S. border, and is an important linkage connecting the vast wilderness of the Sierra Madre Occidental to the southern wildlands of the United States.

The ranch is a federally designated Natural Protected Area, home to jaguars, ocelots, & over 30 endangered/threatened species. It is also a haven for recreation & solitude, with facilities and services provided by Carlos Robles and his family and staff. Please read further to see listings of tour companies leading trips to El Aribabi.

Supporting the Robles family through tourism is key to encouraging other ranchers to protect the cats on their lands, and implement similar conservation efforts.  

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  • Eco-tourism
  • Science-tourism & citizen science 
  • Hunting-tourism
  • Private land conservation project
  • Endangered wildlife  


  • Wild by Nature's Cynthia Wolf leads trips throughout the West and in Mexico. She has just scheduled October 2011 (14-16, and 21-23) trips to El Aribabi, focusing on wildlife and conservation.  Check ourNews page for more details as they become available.
  • Homer Hansen, of Aplomado Environmental, will be teaching three birdwatching classes at El Aribabi in summer 2011 (June 10-12, June 24-26, and July 15-17). Check our News page for more details as they become available.


GALLERY of images from past expeditions to support the Robles family project.





GALLERY of images from past safaris and expeditions to El Aribabi.