Communications and business assistance


Community-driven and privately owned conservation projects experience a Catch-22 when it comes to funding. Because they are privately owned or managed by native communities, grantmakers get nervous; and let's face it, large non-profits shy away because they can't control the outcomes (or piggyback their own big fundraising campaigns). But ironically, community- and owner-driven projects are often the most sustainable and successful.

Nevertheless, it's very difficult for these types of projects to get funding for marketing tools such as brochures, websites, and ad campaigns or with business planning for their tourism efforts. ConserVentures seeks out geographically important and underfunded efforts to provide these much-needed resources, filling the gaps quickly and efficiently, free of charge.

Types of communications we provide include:

  • Creating marketing materials such as brochures, websites, newsletters, and advertisements.
  • Writing articles for publications.
  • Telling the stories of conservation projects in our own newsletters and publications.
  • Creating books and other permanent information-sharing products.
  • Giving talks about projects and places.

Founders Roseann & Jonathan Hanson have decades of experience in  public speaking, writing, photography, and electronic media and marketing, and lead ConserVentures' growing team of communicators.

For examples of communications we have created for conservation efforts, click here.

For examples of business assistance, click here.

Can you help by volunteering time as a communicator on behalf of a project? click here — or by donating funds to support marketing and communications? click here


terra ~ the journal of exploration, science, and culture

As part of our mission to widely communicate stories of exploration, science, and culture, ConserVentures has launched a new print and digital journal, called terra.

Throughout each year, we will release individual articles featuring:

 - expeditions

 - conservation projects

 - cultural discoveries

 - wildlife and nature profiles

 - interviews with scientists and explorers

 - science and conservation news

Copies of the articles will be available free in digital format or to order in print version, via MagCloud, our HP digital partner.

At the end of each year we will release the articles plus additional material in a beautiful 100-page annual collection, printed on semi-glossy recycled paper.

Donors, members, and volunteers will receive the annual collection free; it will also be available for sale through MagCloud.

Be sure to sign up for our ConserVentures news to receive notifications of new article releases.

Browse individual articles and download or order print copies on the main page for the journal, terra.